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Throughout the year, we have a variety of fun sisterhoods and exchanges where we get to know more about each other, our fellow Greeks, and ourselves. We always strive to keep our sisterhood strong and welcoming through our dedication to our chapter, studies, friendships, and community. Our sisterhood is something that we hold very near to our hearts because in essence it is who we are as an organization, and it is what we all stand for as members of Alpha Xi Delta.

Below are some pictures of all the fun times we have had with our exchanges and sisterhoods!


This semester has been a little chaotic, so why not have it as a theme for our impromptu semi-formal sisterhood!


A-L-P-H-A   X-I    D-E-L-T-A 


We love the spirit shout during Homecoming Week! 


Partnering with one of the fraternities for our homecoming dance is one of our favorite parts of Homecoming! 


We spent an afternoon at Tanner's Orchard as a sisterhood! 


We love spending time together preparing for our philanthropy events!


We loved having professor Trudi Peterson run one of our educational programs!


The Xingers on Phi Delt's karaoke night!


One of our favorite traditions is our annual Thanksgiving dinner with ZBT!


Our sisters participate in boat regatta during homecoming week each year!


Each year we have a pumpkin painting exchange with Phi Delt!


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! We dress up for our program, pass out candy to trick or treaters, and decorate the house!